Contribute to Babel

First of all, thank you for wanting to improve the Babel project. These guidelines may help you in your trip to enrich Babel with your skills, whatever they are.

How to contribute?

Contribute with feedback

Maybe the first way to contribute to the Babel project is to test it and to provide us feedback about your experience.

First, even if it may be obvious, have a look to the current documentation, the existing posts in the mailing list and the github issues. As computer scientists, we love when not repeating ourselves unnecessary.

The best place to ask your questions (and potentially to get answer) is the mailing list . You may also (but not always) chat in our irc room (at, channel #babel)

Contribute with code

We will examine and hopefully accept your code contribution with pleasure. Please have a look to the following points which may help you to contribute:

  • Read and sign the CLA .
  • Make sure a github issue exists (to avoid other people to work on the same topic).
  • Ensure your using the Crossing-Tech copyright, you are not addding dependencies incompatible with the licence Apache2.
  • Shape your contribution into a Github Pull request .
  • Please take the Pull request review as an opportunity to improve the quality of your contribution. Creating the Pull request is certainly not your the final goal.
  • Once the Pull requested is accepted, please clean your git branch (it should be more often a single commit).

We would like to keep the contribution process as simple and effective as possible. This procedure may get improve with the time, do not hesitate if you have an opinion.